"This is the book I wish I had read earlier.”
-Christine Caine
Founder of A21 and Propel Women

Baggage isn't all bad

The pain we carry, carries its own promises. This book is an invitation to take another look at what our difficult childhoods put in us. 

Ike Miller

After confronting the impact of his own childhood, including a family history of substance use disorders, Ike has developed a passion for helping others who grew up in difficult circumstances to better understand how those environments continue to impact them and their relationships now.

He has written about the intersection of theology, mental health, and family of origin issues in outlets such as Christianity Today and Missio Alliance

Ike and his wife, Sharon, lead Bright City Church in Durham, NC.


What people are saying
about Good Baggage

“Ike so brilliantly and thoughtfully lays out a road map to show how difficult circumstances can, if healed properly, actually become a superpower.”
Jefferson Bethke
New York Times bestselling author of "Take Back Your Family"
“As someone who has spent decades working through my own childhood trauma and its impact on my relationships, I wish I had read this book earlier. Ike not only inspires us to believe that change is possible, but he also offers actual practices and exercises that lead to healthy relationships.”
Christine Caine
founder of A21 and Propel Women
"As a pastor, I’m routinely in conversation with adults who have spent so much time trying to make sense of their childhoods. This is why Ike Miller’s work is a great gift. He offers powerful storytelling, poignant insights, and a hope-filled vision of healing that often feels elusive. I’m grateful for this book!”
Rick Villodas
lead pastor of New Life Fellowship and author of "Good and Beautiful and Kind"
“Ike has written an important book. It’s important because he is going to help you unpack the baggage of your past. Surprisingly, by loving transformationally, you will see that what you thought was going to break you, Jesus will use to remake you.”
Dr. Derwin L. Gray
Cofounder and lead pastor of Transformation Church and author of the bestselling "The Good Life"

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