a brand new podcast mini-series

Begin the journey to leveraging the difficulty of your childhood for the health of your relationships now.

Through these conversations we will be exploring the pain of our childhoods, honoring the work our younger selves did to help us survive, discussing the ongoing impact of coping with that pain, and where we have sought and found healing. 

Typically when we think of baggage, we tend to think of all the ways it makes us bad at relationships, Baggage is more than what makes us bad at relationships. Baggage is the pain we carry and the lessons it has taught us. 

For those of us who grew up with difficult childhoods, we carry our own unique kind of baggage. We’ve seen some things, been through some things. And it has shaped how we function in every relationship in our lives. But, what if it’s not all bad? What if our difficult childhoods also packed some really good relationship stuff in those bags? What if the pain we carry actually prepared us to thrive in relationships? This podcast is about finding the good things packed in our bags and leveraging them for the flourishing of our relationships now.